Collateral Protection Insurance

As a lender, you want your portfolio to be protected from losses resulting from uninsured collateral. Gulf Guaranty’s collateral protection service, Gulf Trac, is the time-tested platform that provides the protection you need by combining a state of the art insurance tracking system with the broadest possible insurance coverage for your unprotected collateral. In addition, we are not an agent, so all claims processing is handled in house for friendly access when needed.

The QuieTrack system, a SSAE 16 compliant platform is truly top of the line and continually upgraded in Silicon Valley. It allows our pleasant, experienced staff to practically eliminate the typical day-to-day insurance administrative routines that are most common. There are still tasks that can only be handled in house at the bank, but the time-consuming tasks of tracking, matching, verifying, notifying, and complying, etc., etc … are virtually eliminated with our solution… &  at a fraction of the cost.

It’s simple, you make loans, we track and place insurance.

You do your job well, we help you make servicing those loans a lot easier.

Doesn’t that sound compelling?

We think so, give us a call, let us prove it.


CPI Tracking