The Tennessee Bar Association has partnered with Gulf Guaranty Health to provide Deductible Guard Hospital Indemnity Plan.

Deductible Guard is tailored to all members, their employees and eligible dependents. This benefit helps protect against costly inpatient hospital stays by paying up to $4,000 for a covered hospitalization. In addition, an annual $50 wellness benefit and $50 COVID-19 testing benefit is included.

Pay less out of pocket for healthcare.

An unexpected inpatient hospitalization is a financial burden for many families, even with major medical insurance. When paired with a major medical plan, Deductible Guard offers a financial safety net to employees and their families by providing first dollar coverage to help offset a costly hospitalization.

Additional features include:

  • Guaranteed Issue
  • No health questions
  • Composite rates (rates do not change with age)

Any member of the Tennessee Bar Association, or their employee, and their eligible dependents, that are currently enrolled in an ACA compliant major medical plan.

Hospital Indemnity Benefit (1)(2)

When admitted to an inpatient hospital, Deductible Guard will pay up to the maximum benefit amount directly to you. ER charges are also covered if you are directly admitted. To receive your benefit, you can email, mail or fax your Deductible Guard Claim Form and a copy of the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your medical insurance to Gulf Guaranty Deductible Guard.

Wellness Benefit & COVID-19 Testing (1)(2)(3)

As a member, you are eligible to receive an annual $50 wellness benefit and an additional $50 benefit for COVID-19 testing (4).  To receive your benefit, complete a Wellness Benefit Claim Form or a  COVID-19 Testing Claim Form. You can email, mail or fax your claim form to Gulf Guaranty Deductible Guard.

Please send appropriate documentation to:


Mailing Address:
Gulf Guaranty Deductible Guard
P O Box 14977
Jackson, MS 39236

Fax: 601.981.6805

Covered members who need assistance can call toll free: 877.572.4953

Option 1
Up to $3,000 Benefit per covered member for inpatient charges.

Option 2
Up to $4,000 Benefit per covered member for inpatient charges.

Wellness Benefit
$50 annual benefit for each covered life.

COVID-19 Testing
Additional $50 benefit.

Option 1 Option 2
Employee Only $29.00 $39.00
Employee-Spouse $63.80 $85.80
Employee-Child $53.65 $72.15
Family $88.45 $118.95

See how Deductible Guard can help with your medical expenses. 

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(1) Proof of Provider Service, Deductible Guard Claim Forms, and Wellness Benefit Claim Forms can be submitted by email, fax or mail.
(2) Proof of Provider Service can be requested from the healthcare provider. UB04, HCFA 1500, additional bills, primary EOB’s or any other medical documentation that relates to the inpatient admission will be considered.
(3) Wellness Benefit includes annual checkups and routine medical screenings.
(4) COVID-19 testing $50 benefit available to covered members who are tested for COVID-19 during the plan year. Positive COVID-19 test in previous 30 days will disqualify member for benefit. Member must be cleared of virus before new test is administered for benefit eligibility.